Shout out to us ROCKSTAR moms!!

09 May Shout out to us ROCKSTAR moms!!

In light of Mother’s Day I have been thinking about how Moms are truly the ALL STAR ROCKSTARS. We wear the world of our family on our shoulders and we fight to do it with a smile. We know what it means to be a good example (do we always do it – NO, LOL) but we fight everyday and in every situation to respond to our screaming or crazy kid(s) with a smile and a helping hand. Super Nanny was such a huge hit because she exemplified how to react in a non- emotional way. It is freaking hard to always take the high road and be the “coach” that our child needs. It is worth the effort because we know in our hearts that we are teaching them valuable lessons in life. Our little ones are sponges and they watch us and admire us. No matter how good their teachers, sports coaches, or mentors are us mom’s are the ones! We are the ones that have to work the hardest to bite our frustrated tongues and respond with patience. We are the ones that spend our silent thoughts thinking about what we could be doing better or knocking ourselves for what we think isn’t good enough. My advice – just keep trying to be the best. We all know how June Cleaver was – are anyone of us ever going to be her – or want to be her – Of course not!! In those moments when we feel that we have failed we are actually succeeding. We are human and that’s that! Shout out to all of the ALL STAR ROCKSTAR moms out there. We got this!!

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