I Found My Purpose!

08 Mar I Found My Purpose!

OK, so I have to admit I have not read “A Purpose Driven Life” but I don’t have to read it to know how important it is to have a purpose driven life. We all look in different directions throughout our lives searching for the answer of the famous question, “What is my purpose?” I now know what mine is and it creates a fire inside of me. A fire burning so strong that I cant stop thinking and planning on what my next move will be. It consumes me. I go to bed at night with thoughts of what is to come. I wake up in the morning with my wheels spinning. Having three daughters, two with special needs, a husband and a business definitely can get distracting. Let’s be real, I can’t always sit around and daydream. I can assure you that any time my mind has time to wander it goes straight to my purpose. A very good friend of mine sent me a message a few days ago and she said: “I was listening to a radio program today on KWAVE. Talking about God and children born with special needs…and the parents. I thought of you when the pastor said “how blessed those parents are who actually gave birth to their mission in life”. WOW was she right on. I didn’t even realize what had happened to me until I read her post. I didn’t realize that my purpose was decided when Cali, Raelyn and Ryann were born our three very special little girls who need me – all of me. Raelyn is perfectly healthy, thank God, but she has to stay strong and sweet to remain our little powerhouse of a sister. She is their guiding light and as of now she stays true to that. Cali and Ryann, well they depend on me. They absolutely 110% need me to keep fighting. If I stop it all stops. If I stop then that’s it, they will never get the help that they need or the answers that they well deserve. It is my mission, my purpose, to keep going. Whether it is fundraising, networking, spreading the word or simply sharing our story. I truly believe that our babies will someday find what we are desperately seeking. We need to find more families with NUBPL gene mutation. We need to find more families because as Mark Shields said so well, “There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better.” Our first annual event, “Especially Beautiful” was just that, BEAUTIFUL. It could not have gone better! Our documentary: www.thelifewelivedoc.com is the most amazing documentary I have ever seen. Michael Squier, the producer is our hero. We are so blessed to have opportunities like these to tell the world. That is exactly what I want to do, tell the world. I would scream to every person possible and say, “Hey, look over here! Look at what is going on over here!! We have two beautiful little girls that deserve to have a full life. They deserve to read, to write, to ride a bike, to run and play with their friends (without mom or dad following them to make sure they don’t fall). They deserve that. I need your help! Please help us!! ” That’s what I would scream and I’m doing everything I know to do just that. It may not be my voice screaming but my soul is. My heart is full of passion and determination. This is my purpose, my purpose driven life. Now maybe I should read the book 🙂

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