UCLA clinic visit didnt work out today

25 Feb UCLA clinic visit didnt work out today

You would think by now I would know the protocol and routine for doctors. I decided to get my entire family up at 5am and drive an hour up to LA, in traffic of course, to find out that we were supposed to have an appointment! “Sorry Rick and kids but we came up here at the crack of dawn for nothing.” oops….

UCLA Orthopedic Hospital/Cerebral Palsy Clinic says on their website that they have open evaluations for all ages 8:30am-12pm. That to me means “come on in”! I thought we would be the first to arrive at 8:30am to avoid the line of people lining up for their free evaluations. I thought Cali and Ryann would be meet these great UCLA doctors and they would sit down with us and tell us all the right people to talk to and all the right places to go. Our open clinic that we were totally looking forward to didnt work out. We were sent home with instructions and phone numbers for how to get into the UCLA “system”. How in the world did i think it was such a great open casting call? Of course there is a “system” and I have a million and one hoops to go through with our health insurance first before we can even get into the UCLA “system”. AND they only take appointments during this open casting call of Wednesdays 8:30-12.

Now for the positive side that we will look at and focus on: There happened to be a great physical therapist in the office when I went in at 8:20am this morning. Rick and the kids waited in the car and I walked around this old building and found her. She wrote down some phone numbers for me and gave me a couple new contacts. May I also mention that we went in to the worng building, their old location. So I am hoping that even though we drove to LA at 6am, with three very tired kids, for really no reason, that maybe she was the reason. Maybe, just maybe, her contacts will open doors for us. We have to look on the bright side right?!?!


  • A.Turner
    Posted at 05:33h, 25 February Reply

    God always has a reason … it just takes longer to know what the reason might be! Your spirit makes me smile!

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