It has been forever since I have posted and so much has happened. So much love, so much progress, and so much happiness. I wish I could say so many answers for our sweet little angels and I wish I could say we finally have a name for their rare genetic disease but no I can’t say that. Rare is rare right ? I guess this just means we have to accept the fact that we may never have a diagnosis. We may never know what it is that causes our little girls to have so many struggles. Cali is turning 14 Oct 27 which means we have now been searching for 14 years for some sort of clue or answer and still nothing. All we know is that Cali and Ryann can’t walk like their friends, they cant talk like their friends and they don’t learn like their friends. This doesn’t mean we have given up because we haven’t. We will always have HOPE. We will always have FAITH. We will always have LOVE. We feel so amazingly blessed and grateful for our family and for our three precious girls.

Rick and I met someone very close to a group of our friends this past weekend. His son has cystic fibrosis, an autosomal recessive genetic disorder. This disorder could take his son’s life one day. Sadly that day could come earlier than anyone would want for their children. His family and friends are fighting for answers. We met him the morning after the CF Halloween Ball.

The CF Halloween Ball was an amazing night full of fun, friends and laughter in the midst of sadness and helplessness as we all listened to our beautiful best friend speak up at the podium about her life with CF. Rick and I talked to him that next morning and thanked him for such an amazing event and opportunity to raise awareness. We told him about Cali and Ryann and how we have been fighting for answers. We shared our struggles of issues like health insurance. We also shared stories of faith, love and HOPE. He said something to us that I have always felt myself. He said ” God knows what he is doing. He chose us as parents for our son with Cystic Fibrosis because we can handle it !” ” He chose you because I can see that you and Cristy can handle it too!” Wow, I thought. This is how we feel as well. We could never complain about our cards we have been dealt. We could never complain about our darling , beautiful and sweet little girls. We have nothing to complain about because we can handle it.

There are times in our lives when someone you meet says something that just clicks and touches you forever. This was one of these times. I’m grateful for the reminder in our busy lives that WE CAN HANDLE. We are all good! God chose us and he made the right choice. When in doubt take a second and just look at Cali and Ryann’s beaming smile. They truly do smile from within and they bring us that same feeling of joy every day.

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